Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pushakr Lake - Calm and still yet beautyful

Pushkar Lake.
The world famous ghats of pushkar. We have always seen them at the time of festivals, so crowded so colorful.
But on any other day, does the beauty of these ghats fade away?

Look at the calmness and stability of water. As if its saying - "Today I am still and steady to welcome my cheerful guests of tomorrow."

With this great feeling of excitement filled with devotion we thank Mrs Swati singh Rathore for sharing this pic with us and making us feel blessed.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nakoda Temples - A place where beauty and worship both comes together

Nakoda Jain Temple. A perfect blend of beauty and worship. the moment you enter Nakoda Temples, your heart is overwhelmed with the feelings of joy, peace and eternal love and devotion for Bhagwan Mahaveer.
And once you settle down there, your mind starts observing and <a word for heartfelt praise> the unparalleled structure, sculpture and the craftmanship with which the temple is built.
still looking for that one word...... can anyone help me to get that word???

Soor sagar lake - bikaner - Heritage picnic spot

Soor sagar lake - Bikaner. A heritage which is eventually transforming into a hot picnic spot. 
So pack your bags and plan for a Bikaner visit. :) 

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Alwar - Silliserh Lake

What can be more beautiful then a huge amount of water... and then sitting beside it together with your beloved in the shade of loadddss of clouds.... Silliserh lake, Alwar is the perfect place in this perfect monsoon period. What are you waiting for??

Lets explore the place more -

By the way did any one noticed the reflection and shadow of clouds in the water.... just awesome !!!