Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Monkey temple - Galtaji.

Galta ji Temple – The official Monkey temple. A beautiful place surrounded by hills. This place is situated at near about 10 km from Jaipur city. It is a holy place and specially hindu community of India believe that it is the place where they get “Moksha”. As per old saying hindu’s are required to visit once in a life time or else there visit to any of “holy Dham” is not completed. It is also named as monkey temple as 100s of monkeys are found here. People come and feed banana and other fruits to these monkeys. The monkeys here are so famous that National Geographic has made special tele series named as Monkey thieves on them.

The Galta is a place of sant galav who lived and meditated here for years and he brought the gangaji to the place which comes out of the Gau-Mukh (Cow’s mouth). Inside the temple complex there are numerous springs and natural reservoirs (kunds). In these kunds devotees take holy dip. They believe as by doing so, they can get rid of the worldly sins Important festivals here are Makar Sankranti(Comes on 14th jan) , Kartik Purnima( Comes in Nov/Dec).

“Galta Kund” – The main Mardana kund (Male Kund), believed never to become dry. For ladies the separate”Janana Kund” is there. Both the Kunds are fed by a spring emanating from the Gaumukh, a rock carved in the shape of a cow's head. Galta tour is more of a religious tour with significance of the glorious past.For more details click here

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