Monday, 18 February 2013

Bajra Khichadi ( Black Millet Dish ) - Winter delight for Rajasthanis :)

Black Millet khichadi popularly known as "Bajra Khichadi", is a real winter delight for resident of Rajasthan (Rajasthani). Its a nice hot dish and keep body warm, which helps rajasthanis to live healthy in chilling winters of Rajasthan. Bajra khichadi is a kind of dish, which when touches your taste buds a rich and divine feeling runs through your food passages and the ultimate you get is nice, heavy and taste filled stomach.
Traditionally it is eaten with lots of ghee ( clarified butter ) and gud ( jaggery ). But if you want you could also try it without jaggery but with at least 3 4 spoon full of ghee is must :)
Once you are in Rajasthan, in winters, it is a must try thing for you.
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