Friday, 1 March 2013

Sufi Festival Jodhpur - Go Sufiyana!!!

World sufi spirit festival organization, one who is solely responsible for letting us to get a little more closer to the world of sufi music. The festival was organized in Meharngargh fort, Jodhpur. It was a three days affair, 22nd to 24th Feb 2013, but believe me those 3  days were like as being in a musical heaven. Where the waves of soothing music travels through your hearing system and goes till your heart and touches your soul. Ultimately by which you gets an eternal satisfaction leaving you in the colorful and musical heaven.
There were performers from Egypt, Turkey, France, Mongolia and Afghanistan showcased their talent and were applauded for their music. From India, musicians from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan performed.  Main attractions were Rabbi shergil, Harjiram and Okaram Meghwal & Group, Bardic Divas with Ulzan Baibussynova, Raushan Orazbaeva and Nadira Pirmatova, some enthusiastic qwwalli performances by Raza Khan, Chishtiya Group and Irfan Toufail Brothers, The Nile Sufi and others. There were also folk performances  by kalbelia dancers and as a special attraction the presentation of traditional marcial art performance by kerala group.

After coloring Jodhpur in sufi colors the festival headed to Naguar for next 3 days with the same spirit of featuring a string of local, national and international sufi artists at one place. For more like this please visit
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  1. Wow! U must had a wonderful time!


    1. Ya Jahid, indeed that was a pleasure to attend that festival.